API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) refers to a substance or substance combination used in manufacturing a drug product.

API also refers to the active or central ingredient in the product which causes the direct effect on the disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure.

API is the active component of a drug, excipients are the inactive or inert ubstances present in a drug.

Manufacturers generally determine the relative strength of an API using a standard method of measurement and calculation. The methods of standardizing the strength of a medication can vary from brand to brand.

Experts say the growth in new medical technologies are spurring the demand for APIs, along with the increased importation of raw pharmaceutical ingredients from emerging markets. China and India supply more than 40 percent of APIs used in pharmaceuticals sold in the United States

Analysts with the corporation predict the two counties could be supplying 80 percent of U.S. pharmaceuticals' API within the next 10 years. The FDA is responsible for inspecting facilities that manufacture APIs domestically and internationally.

SPG is having a very good contacts with the API manufacture’s in China and had appointed an agency to inspect the goods on behalf. We sell API to various parts of the world.

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