Growth of Indian Cotton :

Over the years, country has achieved significant quantitative increase in cotton production. Till 1970s, country used to import massive quantities of cotton in the range of 8.00 to 9.00 lakh bales per annum. However, after Government launched special schemes like intensive cotton production programmes through successive five-year plans, that cotton production received the necessary impetus through increase in area and sowing of Hybrid varieties around mid 70s. Since then country has become self-sufficient in cotton production barring few years in the late 90s. when large quantities of cotton had to be imported due to lower crop production and increasing cotton requirements of the domestic textile industry.

Since launch of "Technology Mission on Cotton" by Government of India in February 2000 significant achievements have been made in increasing yield and production through development of high yielding varieties, appropriate transfer of technology, better farm management practices, increased area under cultivation of Bt cotton hybrids etc. All these developments have resulted into a turn around in cotton production in the country since last 6/7 years. The yield per hectare which was stagnant at about 300 kg/ha for more than 10 years, has increased substantially and reached a level of 554 kg/ha in cotton season 2007-08.

The fundamental changes that taking place in the realm of cotton cultivation in the country, are having the potential to take the current productivity level near to the world average cotton production per hectare in the near future. Apart from meeting the increased cotton consumption by domestic textile industry, country may have sufficient surplus cotton to meet the cotton requirements of importing countries.

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